Aimed at band 5/6 nurses working on any part of the stroke pathway

Role offers:

·       Funding for training

·       Mentorship

·       Place on the committee

·       UKSF abstract submission

·       Networking

Email applications to: [email protected]

Closing date:                1st June 2023

Early Career Committee Member (x2)

Role Description

As part of the new NSNF 5-year Strategy we aim to support and nurture the future nurse leaders of our country. In line with this we propose 2 new steering committee posts for early career members. As they are development posts the terms of service would be different to general steering committee members.

The Role Holder:

-          Will be recognised as a committee member with voting power and must adhere to the roles and                        responsibilities for NSNF committee members.

-          Hold the post for 3 years in a developmental role.

                      o   If promotion achieved within that time they can become a normal committee member, if not                             they would need to step off the committee after the 3 years, allowing for a rolling                                               opportunity for other members to apply.

-          Receive funds of approx. £250 will be allocated towards development / training courses. These can                 be either stoke specific or leadership based courses. Successful candidates will need to fund the                     courses then claim the cost back via the treasurer.

-          Receive mentoring support  and guidance from the committee

-          Be exposed to national level opportunities.

-          Be supported to submit a poster abstract and take part in the UKSF.

-          Have access to networking opportunities.

Compulsory Requirements:

-          Band 5 / 6 registered nurse working clinically within stroke care on any part of the stroke pathway

-          Need to be a member of NSNF.

-          Need the support of their line manager and have a signed study release form

-          Agree to sign a contract for funding of training


-          Applications will be submitted in the form of a short expression of interest which will include:

                       o   Where they work and background

                       o   Rationale for wanting to do it

                       o   What their aims and objectives are

                       o   Future aspirations

                       o   Impact on career (current and future)

All applications will be reviewed by the NSNF committee and the decision made by vote.