Useful Websites

  • Stroke Association

  • Stroke Specific Education Framework

    The SSEF is an online professional development tool that covers the whole stroke care pathway and is a response to the National Stroke Strategy (2007).

  • Royal College of Nursing

    UK Career Framework for Stroke Nurses

  • Stroke Competency Toolkit (SCoT)

    The Stroke Competency Toolkit (SCoT) is a free Continuing Professional Development (CPD) resource, specific to stroke care and is based on the NHS Education Scotland Stroke Core Competencies developed in 2005 and up dated regularly. It provides a format which enables health and social care staff to evidence their learning and demonstrate their knowledge of the stroke core competencies through reflective practice; and then progress to the relevant specialising competencies as appropriate.

  • Stroke Training and Awareness Resources (STARs)

    This e-learning resource provides a learning tool for health and social care staff to enable them to become more knowledgeable and skilful in the challenging area of stroke care. The resource is based on the Stroke Core Competencies which were published by NHS Education for Scotland (NES) in 2005. They are up dated and added to regularly the most recent being 2023

  • NMC Revalidation

  • Clinical Research Networks

    Clinical Research Networks (CRN) are responsible for supporting high quality stroke research studies. Each region will have a local lead for stroke research. Find out more about CRNs in the UK here:

  • Top 10 Stroke Nursing Research Priorities

    In 2015, Rowat, Pollock et al conducted a research priority setting project using James Lind Alliance methods; a survey for interim prioritization and a consensus meeting for final priority setting. Five of the top 10 questions relate to stroke-specific impairments and five relate to rehabilitation and long-term consequences of stroke.

  • Scottish Stroke Nurses Forum

  • UK Career Framework for Stroke Nurses

  • NHS Long Term Plan

  • NHS Interim People Plan

  • National Stroke Service Model

  • GIRFT stroke programme

  • Stroke Priority Setting Partnership

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