National Clinical Guidelines

What's new in the 2023 edition?

This is an exciting guideline and the first one that is developed by all 4 Nations of the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

They provide evidenced based support for clinical teams with the aim of improving stroke care throughout all 5 Nations.

Of the 538 recommendations in the guideline, nearly 300 have been updated, added or endorsed since the 2016 edition. 

Highlights of some of the changes:

Recommended inpatient and ESD staffing levels.

Changes to intensity and type of therapy.

Changes to treatment of mild strokes / TIAs.

Improved access to thrombectomy and increased timelines for access to treatment.

Recognition of rehabilitation potential for all.

Use of technology to treat and / or deliver therapy.

Changes to secondary prevention strategies and increased investigation of risks.

Inclusion of long term cardio-respiratory health and exercise.

Increased support to develop self-management programmes.

Link to the new guidance and citation: 

National Clinical Guideline for Stroke for the UK and Ireland. London: Intercollegiate Stroke Working Party; 2023 May 4. Available at: