Jeanette Grocott

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Midlands Representative

Senior Staff Nurse for Quality

Jeanette has worked in Stroke care for 15 years starting on the ward before it was a dedicated stroke unit. During the years she has had different roles within stroke including Senior Research Nurse, Senior Staff Nurse and now a quality role. During these roles Jeanette has developed skills in assessing patients using the NIHSS, modified rankin as well as assessment swallowing function. The quality role ensures that quality is maintained on the stroke unit with the addition of education when necessary therefore keeping up to date with stroke developments is important. There have been many changes during these years, due to new research developments. An area that has not changed much is oral care and the impact this has on oral intake and even speech. This is an issue Jeanette is particularly interested in and hopes to research further.

During both the role as research nurse and senior staff nurse Jeanette has published 2 posters that have been displayed at the Stroke Forum. The second poster was as part of the dissertation in the Masters of Medical Science (Stroke) that was investigating whether free water was able to be given safely to stroke patients with dysphagia. Jeanette has an interest in dysphagia management and oral hygiene and how these can be managed suitably on a stroke unit.