Prof Liz Lightbody

Professor in Stroke Care and Improvement at the University of Central Lancashire

Liz’s nursing career has involved stroke research and education. The majority of the research she has undertaken is stroke-specific research to improve the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of nursing and allied-health interventions for patients, families, carers and service-users. In particular, there is a focus on health service delivery, clinical practice, professional education and patient experience, and on using research findings to shape services and improve patient outcomes. Liz is currently the Vice chair–person for the NSNF. Her main research interests are in psychological adjustment (e.g. screening tools, training for stroke service staff and interventions that address the needs of stroke survivors adjusting to life after stroke), acute stroke care and management (e.g. telemedicine, neurological monitoring, nurse education, oral care, and positioning), and education and training. She is passionate about improving the quality of stroke care through education and training and the implementation of research findings into practice.